The Atlantis Queen takes place in a beautifully designed underwater universe, perfectly complementing the actual gameplay. The rotating fishing reel is perfectly integrated in the giant coral reef below the surface. You can see the sunlight illuminating from above, illuminating the ancient ruins of temples and houses, and you can overlook them from afar.

The Atlantis Queen provides players with a total of 11 symbols of payment tables, which can be divided into two different groups according to their design and value. The first group contains the least valuable symbols in the game. These icons range from number 9 to point A, and are obviously inspired by playing cards. You will see that they often appear on the reels to compensate for their lower expenses.

The second symbol group includes two beautiful tropical fish, green and purple, a mysterious shield with ancient marks, a treasure chest filled with gold and a statue of Poseidon. If you are willing to play boldly and listen to your intuition, these symbols are rare, but they bring a huge potential victory.