India as we know it today is a far cry from the one we face-here, knowledge about its suspicious politics and extreme poverty has been abandoned, focusing on the mystery of this sacred but volatile country. It didn't tell us a story, but it set an exotic scene in front of us. The exact location is determined by imagination, thinking fills the gap, and creates a unique atmosphere for each user.

Before proceeding, we need to explain that the game has lived up to publicity. It looks good and has the features we know we like, but it turns out that it has no innovations other than graphics, so its starting point is poor. Before we even had a chance to explain the bonus, the Indian Mythology was unveiled. You can learn something from it.

The game has exactly the same adventure features as Iceland, and now it has the same name and the same winning amount-in order to adapt to the theme, none of it has changed. This is like the laziness of Spade Gaming, because creating something slightly different is not as difficult as their experience. We assume that if you want the same gameplay, but different graphics, then Indian Mythology will be for you, but we are not that type of player.