The first thing that jumps out of the slot game is the "bad" element it has, which is almost similar to the legendary hell angel biker-thanks to heart tattoos and other related images. Then, add the playboy style to the mix, and a plainly dressed woman will go mad (literally) to change your turntable. Your reels are set in purple curtains, and the pay lines are displayed in cream on the left and right sides. This is a very basic layout that can be found on all Playtech slot machines.

Cherry Love slot machine is a highly variable slot machine with many functions that can keep you entertained. You may find that you have made many spins without winning, but this is what we expect from Playtech gaming products. Unless the basic game can produce five types, the vast majority of wins will come from free spin games. If you like to play games quickly and frantically, Turbo Mode will choose which type of slot machine you belong to and provide you with a turbo turntable to spin faster than usual.