During the game test of this game, our Fruit Mania team found that the lotto symbols are the symbols with the highest value on the screen. If you rotate these symbols, you may win a jackpot. Pay attention to the three lotto symbols on the nine turntables in front of you; they need to cross the center roulette to win the special prize. If you place the three lotto symbols in the correct position, you have a chance to pick from the three lottery tickets. Choose the right person and unveil the special prize!

"Fruit Mania" is not placed like other real money video slots, you will see a simple grid with three columns and three rows. That's all you need to win the big prize on Fruit Mania. The nine reels also act as paylines, so you will immediately know if you are the winner. Collect three or more symbols to win prizes! The only exception is the lottery lottery, where you only need two lottery tickets to be a winner.