There is no place in the world as vast as the African plains. Here, you can see a variety of animals wandering in their natural habitat-fortunately, you get paid by rotating 5 reels and up to 9 paylines, depending on your heart.

Safari Heat is undoubtedly worthy of the name, including stunning animals and very popular prizes, prizes you can expect to win include up to 25,000 coins for discovering Gnu and Zebra, and up to 40,000 for discovering flamingos Coins, and 75,000 coins, used to discover rhinos and elephants. However, compared to the rewards that can still be found for all 5 lions roaming on these runners, all of these rewards, although still worth winning, seem insignificant-as many as 900,000 coins. The wild lion also showed a strong appetite when swallowing other symbols and replacing them to make more winning combinations. When they appear in the winning combination, they also double all the prizes.