This game has 8 standard symbols, all of which are composed of various carefully designed cartoon-style aquatic creatures. The second half of the payout table is occupied by lobster and seahorse. On the payline, the value of either lobster and seahorse will be 5 times, 25 times or 125 times the bet on the line, depending on the reels they cross Quantity, while the value of glaring pufferfish and pink jellyfish are 15 times, 125 times or 250 times.

The octopus glared from the reel, paying 25 times, 225 times and 750 times respectively when it appeared, which is the same amount as a friendly green turtle, while the grinning shark or happy dolphin returned 75 times, 350 times and 2,000 times The highest yield. Wire pile when landing on 3, 4 or 5 reels.

Any of these symbols can be replaced with wildcards. If the spinner puts a line of matching symbols, but the sequence is interrupted at any time, then they usually won't win any money, but if the bubble closes the gap in the correct position, it will act as the missing part and the prize will still be returned.