In addition to the three kings, they also provide Phoenix Dragon, Dragon King, Ancient Gong, Thai Dragon, Powerful Dragon and Lucky Baby. The slot games provided are rich in graphics and sounds, and provide wilderness, dispersion, free spins and gambling functions. It is now possible to win a 2,000 non-gradual jackpot with just 7,50 shares-now impressive.

Try rotating the reels starting from a minimum of 0.15 to try to accumulate as much cash as possible, and when rotating these reels, these features will take effect when the bonus symbol is triggered. Whether you are lucky or not, there are many ways to win by rotating the wheels of the "Three Kings" slot machine.

You may guess the name and theme of this slot game, which has a rich Chinese cultural design. The screen is dark red, with embossed patterns of various flowers printed on it, and then on top of these scrolls are emeralds and gold. On the left and right of the reels, you will find dark blue pillars and curved golden dragons.

All the symbols on the scroll are consistent with the theme, and provide three different Chinese kings-similar to the nativity scene, in which three wise men brought gifts to the little Jesus. The Chinese King provides you with golden dragons and flowers, green pots with green ornaments and babies with candles. Other symbols on the scroll include the golden dragon, the dragon's claw holding the moon, and the card value of 10, J, Q, K, and A.