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To get started in the "Lottery Madness" bonus game, you need to place the "Bonus" symbol on both the first and fifth reels. Doing so will load a new screen, which includes the bonus wheel, which is divided into different parts.

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Indian myth lives on a calm lake, and the architectural wonders hidden in the background are mostly outlined. Provide one of the most romantic backgrounds in your imagination, you will be able to lie on the flower bed, and your thoughts can drift at a leisurely pace. In the time you think about, you will see several symbols, some of which are inspirations for the game itself, while others are neatly dressed suits that bring a lot of money, but the style has not changed. All in all, this painting draws an attractive picture for us, but does it meet its aesthetic requirements?

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If you like simple online slot machine gambling, then you may have encountered Merkur Gaming. Like Novomatic, another European slot machine giant, Merkur Gaming also has a reputation for making free games for onshore and online casinos. You won't always find beautiful animations or the most original bonus games in Merkur slot machines, but you can't deny their simplicity.

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You can even actually participate in racing competitions in the Green Light Feature, while looking forward to other bonus games, including Wild Drivers, Free Spins and Prize Multiplier. You can also get many other prizes along the way, including winning trophies, drinking champagne (only after the race) and of course dating many models-just like a real Formula One driver.

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The Penguin Holiday may look cute and simple, but the game has enough firepower to surprise even the most experienced players. Let's see how we can use it here. The penguin sliding symbol is a wildcard for the game and can be used to replace the other symbols listed above. The value of the combination containing the wilderness is twice that of usual, you should note that the wilderness also appears on any scroll. The wild combination alone can win 10,000 points, which is the highest reward for the entire game.

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As the name suggests, the design of "Football Fans" is based on the theme of immersive football, which allows players to decorate wooden boards with the color of the selected team. It is a good choice, which can certainly make up for the lack of standard card symbols. highlight.

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